Petite Graphics' Playground

Pregnancy Test - Animated

Laura Johnston —
Pregnancy test-Petite Graphics


Mighty Winds

Laura Johnston —
Peggy cove -Petite Graphics



Laura Johnston —
Flower -Petite Graphics


Canadian Science Budget

Laura Johnston
Budget -Petite Graphics

Canada's scientific budget

Pain Project, pt 1 - more?

Laura Johnston
Pain Web Page -Petite Graphics

Illustrating the start of pain: Working with SVG, Bootstrap and dabbling with basic SVG animation. This was a big undertaking and I learned a lot about the basic biology behind pain and working with SVGs

New Year

Laura Johnston
woof - Petite Graphics


Pain Is A Pain To Learn

Laura Johnston
Nerve - Petite Graphics

Continual search for new pain relief

New Periodic Elements

Laura Johnston
Periodical elements - Petite Graphics

2016 brings several new elements

Barrington Street

Laura Johnston
Barrington Street - Petite Graphics

Barrington Street

Women's Day

Laura Johnston —
Women's Day - Petite Graphics



Laura Johnston
CRISPR - Petite Graphics

Let's edit


Laura Johnston
holiday lego  - Petite Graphics

Cheers to you all!

RBC - get that blood flowing

Laura Johnston
RBC  - Petite Graphics

How to create RBCs

Spring Sprang Sprung

Laura Johnston
Spring  - Petite Graphics

Tutorials are great!

Vaccine - quick run down

Laura Johnston
Vaccine  - Petite Graphics

Mini slide show - what's a vaccine

SVG - antibody

Laura Johnston
SVG antibody  - Petite Graphics

First posting - SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic - Trying out an antibody SVG.